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 James Charles Kezele, a graduate in the class of 2003,  recently completed a three in two Juris Doctorate Degree Program at the University of Dayton, was one of three graduates singled out for an academic and community service award----the Dean Kloppenberg award.

 Jon Paul Monget , GCS Alum,  is working on a Masters Degree at Texas Tech University  in Lubbock, Texas

 Blair Kezele, GCS Alumna,  will be graduating from Tulane University with a B.A. in Classical Studies and History, has been elected to Phi Beta Kappa and will be teaching with Teach for America in Oklahoma.

 Elizabeth Mason, GCS Alumna,  will be receiving an M.A. in Counseling from  the Fransiscan University of Steubenville.

 Kathleen Mason, GCS Alumna,  will be teaching at a Charter School in Denver, Colorado for the 2012-13 school year.

 California Lutheran University is presently  recruiting junior Guliano Masci for the Fly and Freestyle  swim team.  No word on that yet, but he is going to attend  the UCLA Leadership forum on Medicine , which is an elite shadowing program that  will be at the: Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, Organ Donation panels, Shriners Children’s Hospital, Veteran Affairs Healthcare System (homeless outreach and psychiatry care), Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center and Orthopedic Hospital, UCLA EMS, LA Zoo (Veterinary Sciences) and UCR/UCLA Thomas Haider program in Bio Medical Sciences. He will be attending July 17-31, 2012.  They have selected  300 students to participate for their summer 2012 program.  Way to go!!

Kiwanis News

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Key Club and Builder's Club....

       These clubs have had a long presence at Gallup Catholic with Key Club being a club for boys under the old name of Cathedral High School.  Many of our students worked on projects through the course of this last year with other groups at times and in the lead for some projects.  They completed over 700 hours of volunteer service on the following:

       Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial---Gallup Catholic alone-----Painting the Parking Lot, Handicapped Zones, etc. (Donating supplies as well)  Seven Students and Two adults---54 hours.

      Gallup Catholic/Circle K/Kiwanis Clubs and Gallup High---ushering-----40 hours

      Angel Tree---Gallup Catholic and Sacred Heart----Collected and Distributed Presents to the children of prisoners-----over 100 children------30 hours

      Festival of Trees---Gallup Catholic and the Kiwanis Family of Gallup--------200 hours.

      Dictionary and Thesauri Preparation and Distribution-------300 hours.

      Spaghetti Dinner----36 hours

      Assistance with Stations of the Cross-----24 hours.

     It is our hope to reactivate these clubs on campus during the 2012-2013 school year.



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Due to his academic achievements and leadership potential, Sam Faz has been  nominated to attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference (JrNYLC) to be held this summer 2012 in Washington, D.C. Sam will be a 7th grader next year.

Guiliano Masci

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Giuliano Masci has been accepted as a Renaissance Scholar in the Baylor University Scholars program.  He will attend this summer.

This is a very intensive program at the Honors College for students interested in sciences.  The colleges that get money from the oil industries have many of these  opportunities for students in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Louisiana.  We were very pleased for Giuliano to have been chosen because they only take 60 students nationwide.

Renaissance Scholars is an elite week-long summer program designed for Juniors going into their senior year of high school with pre-health interests.

Today, scientists and medical doctors face unprecedented challenges and pressing ethical questions concerning the distribution of Healthcare, cloning, care for the disabled, abortion and euthanasia to list a few.  In Renaissance Scholars, we aim to help you consider these questions through an encounter with great philosophers and theologians.  During an intensive week of study, students  will participate in three courses that will expandtheir horizons and allow them to explore their role in the future of medicine and the sciences.

Philosophy, Science, and Religion:  Through readings and small-group discussions, join in the great conversation with scientist-philosophers, as they wonder about the intelligibility of the natural world, the role of human knowledge and powered in that world, and about the connections between science and religion.

Medical Ethics: Explore from a Christian perspective what it means to think about medicine, the calling of a doctor, the doctor-patient relationship, and the goal of scientific research.

Latin medical Terminology:  Gain familiarity with medical terminology through the study of Latin roots that shape the study of healthcare.

Seminar-style Collegiate Learning:  Participate in co-curricular conversations about pressing questions concerning death, suffering, the opportunities and limits of technology, and the meaning of human life as found in recent films such as The Dark Knight, The Book of Eli, and the Harry Potter series.

Professional Guidance:  Hear presentations from the directors of the Pre-Health Program at Baylor and from faculty, current students and alumni about pre-medical opportunities at Baylor, including research, medical mission trips and study abroad programs designed for pre-med students.


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